Whats Going On??? My first post!! Thats whats going on!!

Oh my, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.  Writing at 5:30 pm on a Saturday with no deadlines, very little editing, no work cited page.  Life is great when your done with summer school.  But before I go into this whole summer, I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Te’Shon and I was born with Albinism (as if having a blog on this site wasn’t a dead give away).  I’m also only one of two Albinos in my African American family (awkward right? haha).  I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but I’m going to school in Chicago to study Musical Theater Performance. Yes I know my major sounds like the worse career choice out there because of the recession, but sometimes when your senses are limited, you see life in a different perspective.

I guess I can start by telling you why Theater, why Chicago?  Don’t get me wrong Pittsburgh is a wonderful place, but the acceptance of creativity feels limited. I blindly (hah blindly)  chose to go to college in Chicago for no real reason.  I know it sounds crazy but I never really put as much thought about my future as much as I do now.  But for some reason I knew that there was some adventures to be had in Chicago.  And not just your avarage college kids party scene, my time at school has been well spent making great friends and future connections.

Here is what I’ve been up to since I got to Chicago…..

Manifest Urban Arts Festival:  I help promote my schools “home coming” type of event.  Sings its an art school we don’t have any sports teams. We celebrate art in all forms created by people from all walks of life

Spotlight on 3!! We do childrens Birthday parties and we do it BIG!!! I do hair and make up for little girls and play princess party games.

FEAR at Navy Peir:  I worked at a Huanted house that was so scary! I had to work the dayshift!! And it was still terrifying. I met a lot of clowns here too.  No, seriously, red nose wearing, unicycle riding, pin joggling clowns! it was awesome!

Yogen Fruz: This is my most “legit” job.  Its a frozen yogurt store.  I work with my two best buds Sean and Dev and some other awesome peeps.

Well I believe I must go! Im off to Chinatown!! ( off to find a sword holder for the bf/ get some food)  More summer adventures in the next blog, but until then! PEACE!!! and thanks for reading my first post

<3 Te’Shon