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Education: We educate people about albinism and the challenges that come with it by giving talks and presentations, disseminating information, and providing external resources for people to consult at their convenience.  Many of the problems that people with albinism face are universal, especially those who deal with self-esteem and bullying all related to being “different.”  Therefore, we also give talks on self-esteem and anti-bullying.  We vigorously support efforts to combat bullying and promote a culture of tolerance.  No one should succeed in making anyone else feel worthless.


Inspiration:  We inspire people by encouraging them to be themselves, to love themselves and to pursue their dreams.  We periodically feature individuals with albinism from all over the world In the Spotlight who share their stories.  Despite the fact that many of them have varying degrees of visual impairment and face other challenges associated with albinism, they are pursuing successful careers, enjoying happy and healthy lives, and raising families just like those without albinism.  We showcase people with albinism in a positive light so that others with the condition, and anyone else who may be “different” for one reason or another, can see that they are not hampered by the things that make them different.

Empowerment:  We want people to be confident in their ability to take control of their own lives. We have established a local group for people with albinism called the Steel City Albinism Group.  We meet periodically to share resources and experiences related to albinism, and host social events.  Additionally, we share information about any businesses, products, or services that could be useful to them in their professional or personal lives.  We have plans to expand The Steel City Albinism Group to other cities.   We also plan to create a mentoring program that is not just geared to people with albinism, but is open to everyone.  Technology is also an important part of this goal.  Many people with albinism are visually impaired.  We are currently designing a training program which includes seminars and one-on-one sessions that will effectively teach people who are visually impaired how to use the latest technology.  Accessibility is a key component to empowerment.

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