Mrs. Sonya Wimpye

My name is Sonya LaShaun Wimpye. I was born in Atlanta Ga but was raised mainly in Savannah, Ga. by my single parent mother, Betty Frazier.  I am the oldest of me and my younger brother, my only sibling. I was very quiet and extremely shy as a child, especially in school. I was a good student as I feel that I would have performed better if my vision wasn’t so impaired. In elementary school, I had a Visual Imparement teacher that would assist in my visual needs. By the time I reached highschool, I was an adverage student with many friends. I still had a few occassional insulting remarks, but it wasn’t too bad. I even won Prom Princess my junior year.
College, at Fort Valley State University, is where I think I gained my confidence and walked into my own. I majored in Psycholgy and made some really good friends that I am still close to today. I also met my husband at the end of my Sophmore year. Who knew I’d leave Fort Valley State with more than just a degree in Psychology. I received my degree five months pregnant. After graduation, I had my 1st born baby girl. Shortly after, my college sweetheart became my husband. My new family made Atlanta our home in 2004. That same year, I started working as a Pre-paid order clerk in the Accounting department at the Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters. Two years later, my second born was to arrive and I along with my husband, made the descision to become a stay at home mom. When my 2nd born turned 4 months old, I decided to pursure my Masters degree in Professional Counseling. Four and a half years later, the Lord saw fit that I become a mother of 3, two boys and a girl.
Currently, along with being a full time mom and wife, I have been involved in many community service projects as I am committed to giving back to my community.  I am a leader in a local Girl Scout Troop, I assist in various service projects with the Pearls of Service in Gwinnett County and I am an active member of our Home-Owners Association.  I would like to work where I can service the community as I feel it’s important.  My goal is to one day operate my very own facility where we cater to the  needs of young women.  I feel that young women have so many issues lately including self image, confidence and self worth.  I would like to be able to supervise an awesome team of counselors to help encourage and empower these young ladies to help guide them to be strong, courageous, confident woman.