In the Spotlight: Ashley J Hicks

Ashley J HicksA doctor once told my mother and I that I would never live a normal life because of my albinism. I’d never live on my own. I’d never be able to take care of myself or go to school. I’d always be this visually impaired albino, who never left the house. To say he was mistaken is a serious understatement. In my 25 years of life, my albinism has never once held me back from the life that I want to live. I was the Vice President of my senior class in high school, i graduated from a four-year university with a B average, and I’ve lived on my own since I was 18.

Oh, I almost forgot! I’m also a working actor!

I was bitten by the acting bug at a very young age. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make my siblings watch my variety shows in the living room forever. Besides, performing scenes from my favorite movies alone in my bedroom was starting to get a little weird…..

After receiving my BA in Theater from the University of Missouri-Columbia, I bravely decided to try my luck in the windy city of Chicago. I completed a 2 year theater intensive in 2012.I spend most days auditioning for shows and keeping my skills sharp.

For some, acting is just another form of entertainment, but for me it means so much more than that. Growing up, being on stage was always a healthy outlet for me. It was my way of proving to myself, as well as to those watching, that I was more than I appeared to be. The stage was my playground. It was there that I knew I could be anyone and do anything! Being an actor has afforded me some of the best experiences. I’ve been a kitkat girl, a crazy nun, a trailer park hairstylist, a murder victim, a mental patient, and a male impersonator. I hope to add more characters to that list. The mind just races with all the different roles I have yet to explore.

Like I said, my albinism has never held me back from living the life I want. I embrace it fully and use it to my advantage.

Don’t be surprised if you see me on TV or on Broadway some day soon…:)

Ashley J