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  • Ms. Brandi Green

    Ms. Brandi Green

      Brandi Green attended her first conference held by the National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmention (NOAH) in 2004.Since that introduction, she has embraced the albinism community and works to educate others about the condition. “NOAH came at a time when I was really desiring a community and network of people who truly understood my […]

  • In The Spotlight: Keith Lamar

    In The Spotlight: Keith Lamar

    Keith Lamar Williams an experienced American Dance & Hip-hop producer, and songwriter A St. Louis Native, Keith Lamar and Partner Andre Williams formed the A.K. Bros. Entertainment Group in 2002. Developing and producing projects for both Major and Independent record labels in the U.S. and abroad. Recently producing and co-writing songs with NAACP nominated best […]

  • In The Spotlight: Staci Burton

    In The Spotlight: Staci Burton

    Hello, my name is Staci Burton.  I am a native of Chicago, IL and San Diego CA. Before my niece was born in 2008, I was the only person with albinism in my family.  I felt that this was definitely a challenge especially during my childhood and adolescent years when I was just trying to […]

  • In The Spotlight: Kenyen Flowers

    In The Spotlight: Kenyen Flowers

    My name is Kenyen Flowers (Albino Boi). I’m 12 years old and I’m a rapper/producer. Having a condition called Albinism can be tough at times like when you try to make friends to having a girlfriend. When i was growing up kids use to throw things at my face, make fun of me and spit […]

  • Eriq Cunningham and Evell Jones

    Eriq Cunningham and Evell Jones

    Eriq and Evell are competing in the American Blind Bowlers Association this weekend.  The latest scores are being posted on the oriqinal post.  We will keep everyone updated as we are.  Thank you Eriq, Evell and everyone following :)!