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  • In The Spotlight: Helen-Jacobs Grant

    By: Lucy Waterlow Source: Daily Mail A once wheelchair bound mother-of-six says she has been given a whole new life after gastric bypass surgery has transformed both her health and fitness. Helen Jacobs-Grant, 42, from Medway, Kent, weighed 23 stone before going under the knife and felt life wasn’t worth living at her heaviest. She […]

  • In The Spotlight: KeNosha Robinson

    Greetings, beautiful people! My name is KeNosha Robinson, and I am a recent Master of Divinity graduate from Oral Roberts University. Humbly, yet proudly born a woman with albinism, my life’s journey has been uniquely wonderful, yet profoundly challenging. I often marvel at the mysterious creativity of God that, on March 9, 1988 at 11:16AM, […]

  • In The Spotlight: Arnetta L. Clark

    In The Spotlight: Arnetta L. Clark

    I never know what to say when asked to talk about myself as I do not do this often, so here goes. My name is Arnetta L. Clark and those who know and love me call me Netta. I am an African American woman with albinism. I am not married and I do not have […]

  • In The Spotlight: James Hawkins

    In The Spotlight: James Hawkins

    I love me now but, there was a time in my life when I could not say that. Being born with Albinism in the 1960s was hell for me since all the kids had jokes about my hair color. It felt like everybody was always looking at me and asking “what color are you?” Sometimes […]

  • Mrs. Sonya Wimpye

    Mrs. Sonya Wimpye

    My name is Sonya LaShaun Wimpye. I was born in Atlanta Ga but was raised mainly in Savannah, Ga. by my single parent mother, Betty Frazier.  I am the oldest of me and my younger brother, my only sibling. I was very quiet and extremely shy as a child, especially in school. I was a […]

  • Marissa Bowe

    Marissa Bowe

    Hey people!!! My name is Marissa and I am here to share a little about myself!!!  Well first off BIG UPS to Tish for allowing me the opportunity to actually do this!!!  It’s greatly appreciated and what you’re doing with the AB community is awesome!!!! Now, onto me!  Well first off I’m 24 years old.  […]



    Throughout my life, I have always viewed albinism as a net blessing with the occasional burden. Albinism presented me with an opportunity to leverage the many challenges such as low vision, stares and ignorant comments and use them all as fuel in my quest to do well and help others where I can.  I did […]

  • Ms. Rae Lowrey

    Ms. Rae Lowrey

    Raletha “Rae” Lowery is a 34 year old entrepreneur and co-founder/president of The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG). A native Georgian born and raised in the city of Atlanta, started Cre8tive Media Design Firm in 1997 and co-founded the social advocacy group for persons with albinism and their families in 2003. You can visit the virtual […]



    Erika Evans Born: Oct. 6 in Hawthorne, CA. Grew up in Gardena, CA Attended 134th Street School for Grades 1 – 6th Attended Carnegie Jr. High School 7th = 9th Grade Narborne High School Grade 10 Pomona High School Grade 11 Gladstone High School in Azusa, CA Grade 12 Attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona […]

  • Whats Going On??? My first post!! Thats whats going on!!

    Whats Going On??? My first post!! Thats whats going on!!

    Oh my, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.  Writing at 5:30 pm on a Saturday with no deadlines, very little editing, no work cited page.  Life is great when your done with summer school.  But before I go into this whole summer, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Te’Shon and I was […]