Big news! But first…

Hey! Its Josh the IT guy with big news about Life Ain’t Scripted!

First, a disclaimer: (No, this isn’t my spotlight article) 🙂

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following us and supporting the Life Ain’t Scripted movement. I’d also like to thank the staff of Life Ain’t Scripted for all of their dedication and hard work thus far. We’ll get into more thanks later.

I first started working with Tish and LAS when she was in the midst of developing That’s how we started out. Our website was our way of saying “HEY! This is us. This is what we’re about so…look!” It was a big achievement at the time. To be able to call our web developer, Jonathan, and to give him the go-ahead to “bring the site online” was – in my mind – the beginning of what was going to be an uphill climb to something really big.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with LAS – first coming on as an interim web developer, and then as the Network Systems Engineer. I – along with Jonathan Clarke and Carmine Rublowsky – manage our internal network to secure it, and make sure it’s available for the rest of LAS to use. (Sounds boring, doesn’t it?) On the flip side of things, the IT department also manages everything that you see on the outside. Our main website, WordPress blog, our YouTube and Vimeo channel, Facebook, and Twitter, are the products of interoperability between IT, our CEO, Community Outreach, and our web developer. In short, we all played a part in what you all are seeing.

We are no longer just a small website about the promoting of Albinism awareness. We are now Life Ain’t Scripted Incorporated, and in its wake, will be new ways to interact with different members of the Albinism community. We continue work behind the scenes to develop new ways to keep in touch with you, and even ways for you to put yourself out there for the rest of the world to see.

On behalf Life Ain’t Scripted Inc. – our Chief Executive Officer, Latisha Willis Jones, her executive assistant Evell Jones, Vice President Heather Carr, Editor in Chief Malika McClean, Community Outreach Coordinator Crystal Christophe, web developer Jonathan Clarke, the contributing efforts of Carmine Rublowsky to help fortify our internal and external network infrastructure and applications, thank you all for your support and continued commitment to Life Ain’t Scripted.

Your’s Truly

Joshua M. Cintrón
Network Systems Engineer

Watch our latest video announcing our incorporation here:

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