App Of The Week: ViA By Braille Institute

Braille Institute is Via Screenshotproud to present ViA (Visually Impaired Apps) for iPhone and iPad. ViA has been designed to help blind and lowvision users easily sort through the 500,000+ apps in the iTunes App Store to locate the apps that were built specifically for visually impaired users, or apps that happen to provide functionality useful to this population.

Using the industry leading accessibility features native to iOS devices, ViA allows users to sort apps by category, price and/or by the iTunes App Store star rating. ViA gives visually impaired users a forum to suggest and discuss apps that they find useful and creates an ever-growing, interactive community of avid iOS app users in this under served community. Users can track new apps that fall into the categories that interest them making the process of locating useful apps even easier.

The apps that appear in ViA are suggested by Braille Institute partner organizations all over the U.S. Our partners are reputable and well-established educational, health and advocacy organizations that serve the visually impaired community in various capacities.

Check Out Via at the App Store