App of the Week: LookTel Recognizer

mzl.gzohxwvx.320x480-75LookTel Recognizer allows users with visual impairments or blindness to identify cans, packages, ID or credit cards, DVDs, and similar items. Users can store images of objects in a library or database, and then simply point the iPhone’s camera at an object and the phone will recognize and describe the item instantly. A barcode scanner is also included to provide additional labeling help.

LookTel Recognizer is powered by an evolution of LookTel’s patented and proprietary object recognition technology featured in LookTel’s “Money Reader”, an app that has helped thousands of users with visual impairments or blindness to instantly identify and count bills. There’s no need to hold the camera still or capture a photo and wait for a result – recognition happens instantly, and in real-time. Additionally, the app does not require an active internet connection, which means it can be used at any location, anytime.

Recognizer allows users to backup and export their created databases via E-Mail, enabling them to restore a database from lost or replaced devices, share it with other members of the community.

Please note that users with severe visual impairments or blindness will require sighted assistance to initially create the image library. The image library must be setup before LookTel Recognizer can be used to identify objects.

How to use Recognizer:
Once the app is downloaded on your iOS device, you must create an image library before you can start recognizing items. Creating the library is easy, and can be fun, especially if you have a friend or family member who is a shutterbug. While it may seem to take a lot of time, it takes far less than most people imagine to create an excellent library of images. Once the library exists, less and less time is required of a sighted person, as you will find Recognizer can already identify most items that are used daily reliably and accurately every time.

For more information on LookTel recognizer, visit the iTunes App Store