App of the Week: BirdTunes

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BirdTunes provides bird enthusiasts with rapid, uncluttered access to a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and calls. The BirdTunes sound collection offers:

  • Encyclopedic coverage, including over 2400 tracks for 674 species—over 10 hours of high fidelity sound.
  • Emphasis on the sound repertoire of each species—including not just the primary song or call for many species, but also lesser-known songs and calls.
  • Recordings drawn from the collections of prominent field recordists including Lang Elliott, Kevin Colver, Martyn Stewart, Bob McGuire, Ted Mack, and Wil Hershberger.

The BirdTunes application also offers:

  • An attractive waveform display that shows progress as the current track plays.
  • Four playback modes, including modes for playing or repeating either a single track or all of the tracks for a species.
  • A gorgeous photo of each species, from the collections of well-known bird photographers including Brian Small, Lang Elliott, Mike Danzenbaker, and Marie Read.
  • A search facility that lets you rapidly find a species by any part or parts of its name.
  • A customizable list of favorite species for quick access.
  • A list of the twenty most recently accessed species.

If you use BirdTunes in the field, please do so responsibly. We recommend the American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics (, particularly section 1(b), for guidance.

BirdTunes was created by Harold Mills and Lang Elliott.


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